American football is played by two teams of eleven people each and who play by advancing the ball to the opposing side and scoring points. American football has its origins from among the earliestformsof association football and rugby football. These emanated from a number of football games that were played in the UK in the mid 19th century.Most of the games that were known as football were played in collegesin USin the mid 19th century. In 1869 on the 6th of November, the first game was played by the Princeton University.American football, popularly known asfootball amricainin French is popular in most countries in America and Europe. In America, the game is simply referred to as football and informally referred to as gridiron football or pigskin in some few places.

In a typical match football us, the game is played by running carrying the ball, which is then thrown to a team mate and maneuvering your way against the opponent team. A team earns points when they manage to carry a ball over the goal line of the opponent. The ball thrown over the opponents goal should be caught and kicked through the goal posts. Tackling an opposing carrier of the ball also earns points. All the forms of American football are governed by different managements under different rules. For instance, high school football is under the National Federation of State High School Associations. The National Collagiatic Athletic Association manages collage football in collaboration with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The National Football league manages professional football.

America has participated in a variety of games likeFootball us franceand against other countries where American football is prominent. America is popular in the game and has won a variety of championships and has emerged as a fierce competitor against other strong teams. France is one of the main competitors of America in American football. The two teams have a long history of enmity which has been transmitted through years.

American football came up as a result of rugby football divergences. The father of American football, Walter Camp notably introduced many changes that gave birth to the American football. For instance he introduced the line of scrimmage. These notably bore the emergence of football US as a prominent team since they had the first touch of rules combined with originality.To match football Americain(American footballgame) in a normal game, a team needs a good preparation and good players plus a good profile in past performances.