It has been a long time since the red dot sights were introduced to the shooting world. These devices were introduced for the American sporting market. American Special Forces units gradually began purchasing these devices for using them for low light raids. It allowed them to shoot effectively by orders of magnitude, thus saving many lives. However with time the red dot sights began to be used extensively by the American militaries. One of the major reasons why the electronic sights began replacing the iron sights was because these are faster on the target and easier to use in low light conditions. Unlike the iron sights they can be applied in a wider range of light conditions.

Keeping in mind the usability of the red dot sight Aimpoint came up with these products. If you peep into the history of these devices you will find that this brand was one of the first to foray in these products. The Aimpoint red dot sights have slowly but steadily captured the attention of the serious shooters and hunters. Even the U.S. military and several law enforcement personnel use these devices. In fact, the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optics became a popular unit with the law enforcement personnel. There are several online reviews by the professional people which will help you to gain an idea about the popularity and usability of this product.

While these are known as red dot sights but the aiming reticle is not always red in color. You will get them in either red or green reticles. The Aimpoint red dot sights are superior devices for engaging a moving target. What stands out in this brand is their accuracy and battery life. Most of the Aimpoint products have ACET technology which guarantees 5 years of battery life even if you keep the sights on forever. This makes them equally desirable for self defense, hunting, plinking, and competition. The Aimpoint red dot sights offer 3x and 4x magnifier which is a separate optic minus any reticles. There are no magnification issues as well and they have unlimited field of view.

Aimpoint offers different types of red dot sights. Amongst them there is the hunter series which is especially designed for the hunters. If you use heavy and long firearms then Aimpoint red dot sights will serve you perfectly. When you aim with this red dot sight a colored dot appears to be projected further out on top of the target but the dot remains on the optic. Since these are very low profile, streamlined, and clear, it allows the shooter to see clearly, and adjust aim for the acquisition of a target.

As far as the cost is concerned the Aimpoint red dot sights are available at affordable ranges.